Confidential Procedure

We have established procedure to protect customer’s confidential contents

We have established procedure to protect customer’s confidential contents

Both our Shenzhen and Heshan plants have established procedure and security measure to protect customer product with confidential content. When an item is determined to have confidential content, the security team will consider who will have access to the contents and decide what processing steps are needed.  Confidential content are encrypted for both internal and external transmission.
Those who will access confidential content need to sign confidential agreement and training will provide to them.

Identification badge will be issued to authorized person for entry into restricted area. In each production step, a restricted area will be setup to separate the machine or area from other operation, only those with confidential identification badge can enter into restricted area and recorded. All production quantity and waste will be recorded and checked to prevent any accidental loss or misuse. All WIP and product will be covered during transportation. Waste will be centrally stored and destroyed under supervision after verification count. All documents and records will be kept at least 2 years for review and verification in case follow-up is needed.




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