Brand Protection

Track & Trace Solutions

The track & trace technology is the heart of product life-cycle analysis. Each product is assigned a unique code that is traceable and can be authenticated. Product traceability is the driver of a smarter, safer, more efficient supply chain, the key to a more sustainable world. With the provision of real-time information, enterprises can effectively manage counterfeiting, track and trace product, and provide business intelligence for better business planning and direct interaction with customers.

Dual-Layer QR Code Labels

Guaranteed Authenticity

Our dual-layer QR code labels (contain two unique and paired QR) which allow the end-users to verify the authenticity of the products as they scan the information code and ownership code to get reward points upon purchase. This gives each product an immutable identity, which can be used for authentication, tracking, gray market detection and even customer engagement on the GDPR compliance platform.

AR Mark

Verifiable Clone-Proof QR Code

The patented AR code technology offers a unique digital watermark together with the respective product identification DNA that added to a normal QR code with serialization and encryption protection to create the AR code. The secured AR code provides the copy-proof feature to eliminate replication. Users can then rely on this technology to verify the authenticity of the product, gray market detection by simply scanning the AR code.