“Hung Hing is committed to promoting sustainable development in all our business activities and operations, to continuously improving our operations and to conducting our business responsibly.”

Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Printing with Green Sustainable Material: Redefining Printing Practices for a Better Future

As a responsible sustainable printing company, we understand the significance of sustainable practices in shaping a greener tomorrow. Our sustainable printing services incorporate the latest advancements in technology and materials, ensuring that every project we undertake leaves a minimal environmental footprint. By choosing our services, you join hands with us in the mission to protect the environment for generations to come.


We recycle all waste materials such as paper, plastic packing materials, nylon straps, metal printing plates, etc.

Soy & Vegetable Ink

Soy-based and vegetable ink is more environmentally friendly, might provide more accurate colours, and makes it easier to recycle paper. Vegetable ink is an eco-friendly marvel that brings out the brilliance of colours in your prints while ensuring a lower environmental impact. Derived from renewable sources, this ink boasts low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making it an excellent choice for reducing air pollution. By opting for our vegetable ink-based printing, you contribute to cleaner air and support the sustainable use of natural resources.

Energy Efficiency

Replaced regular fluorescent light (T8 type) to energy saving type (T5 type)/ LED to save more energy.

Clean Energy

We are committed to promoting sustainable development. We employ renewable solar energy in all of our factories and will continue to promote clean energy throughout our practices.

Eco-Friendly Printing: Where Innovation Meets Conservation

Eco-friendly printing lies at the core of our values and philosophy. We utilise vegetable ink, a natural and renewable resource, as an alternative to traditional petroleum-based inks. This switch not only reduces harmful emissions but also enhances the recyclability of printed materials. With our dedication to conserving our planet's resources, your printing projects become an integral part of the sustainable cycle.

Green Sustainable Material: Empowering Your Eco-Conscious Vision

Our green sustainable material options go beyond traditional choices, presenting you with an array of eco-friendly alternatives. From recycled paper and biodegradable substrates to responsibly sourced materials, we offer diverse choices that align with your eco-conscious vision. Together, we create printed materials that epitomise sustainability, aligning with your brand values and resonating with environmentally conscious consumers.

For enquiries, please contact us via sustainability@hunghingprinting.com.

Certification & Accreditation

We have received numerous international awards and accreditation for our high standards in product quality, corporate management, and our contribution to environmental protection and sustainability.