"At Beluga, we tailor all our services to suit each client, because no two businesses are alike. Our experts develop ideas that solve our clients’ most complex and pressing challenges."

Beluga is the creative arm of Hung Hing Printing Group, one of the world’s leading providers of comprehensive printing and packaging services.

We connect our customers worldwide with the latest technologies around the world, to help their business to create one-of-a-kind experience that with no doubt excite customers and retain their business leadership in an increasingly fast-changing competitive market.

With more than 70 years of experiences in printing and comprehensive understanding of paper, we believe in the endless possibilities in paper and help clients continue to improve their products, packaging and marketing campaigns by developing new paper products, packaging designs and providing creative solutions to help clients succeed in building their brand.

BELUGA is a boutique digital service provider under Hung Hing. With an expertise in creative design and product development, BELUGA is championing the brand new 'print + digital' products at Hung Hing.