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Welcome to Hung Hing, where business transformation meets sustainability and innovation. With our extensive range of paper products, we cater to diverse sectors, ranging from corporate solutions to fulfilling lifestyle needs. As a pioneer in the industry, we take pride in providing sustainable paper products that not only enhance your brand but also contribute to a greener tomorrow. From lifestyle paper products that enhance your everyday experiences to empowering the children's books distribution and edutainment materials, we redefine the power of paper in shaping a brighter future.

Other Businesses

Our team of creative problem-solvers drives sustainable innovations upon our heritage of expertise and pushes our offerings beyond traditional paper and printing solutions. We leverage our business and operational success, intelligence, technologies and experiences, to broaden the possibilities of paper to touch every life.

Sustainable Paper Products: Crafting a Greener World

At Hung Hing, we believe in sustainable business practices. Our sustainable paper products are crafted with utmost care, using eco-friendly materials and responsible production methods. By choosing our products, you make a conscious choice to support environmental preservation without compromising on quality or aesthetics. Embrace a greener future with us as we pave the way for responsible paper usage and ecological stewardship.

Lifestyle Paper Products: Enhance Your Everyday Moments

To enhance your lifestyle, our exquisite range of lifestyle paper products promises to bring a touch of charm to your everyday moments. From personalised stationery and elegant gift packaging to beautiful handbags, wallets and phone cases, our products are designed to enrich your life and reflect your unique taste. Experience the joy of self-expression with our diverse collection that celebrates the art of living.

Children's Books Distribution: Nurturing Young Minds

Education and entertainment merge seamlessly in our children's books distribution services. We recognise the importance of nurturing a love for reading in young minds. Through a curated selection of captivating and educational children's books, our goal is to inspire and foster a generation of imaginative thinkers. With our commitment to nurturing young minds, we strive to contribute to shaping a brighter future for the world.

Edutainment Platforms: Learning through Play

Edutainment is the heart of our endeavours to make learning an enjoyable journey. We understand that education should be engaging and fun, which is why we create interactive and educational materials that captivate young learners. Through our edutainment offerings, we empower educators and parents to instil a love for learning in the young hearts, setting the foundation for lifelong curiosity and growth.

Experiential learning platform for kids

Yum Me Play is the ultimate platform for kids to learn through play. It gathers top brands, educators, child psychologists, and subject matter experts around the world to curate products and experiences ranging from interactive games, imaginative play, sensory reading, to STEM learning.

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Online mathematics education platform

iiTutors is the first bilingual online mathematics tutoring platform in Hong Kong providing comprehensive and unique mathematics education programme for students from K2-P6. Powered by A.I. homework system to improve learning effectiveness, the programme is equipped with adaptive curriculum to cater each student’s needs and performance.

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STEM & A.I education solutions

STEM PLUS aims to lift up the overall education standard specifically in the STEM and A.I. sector in Hong Kong and Greater Bay Area of China by providing education solutions, courses, and competitions.

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Lifestyle Brands & Business Solutions

Instant photo printing booth

Yum Me Print provides unlimited photo printing services to event venue providers, agencies and brand owners. With Yum Me Print set up at the desired location, guests can bring home and share with their friends and families the memorable experiences from any special event, such as weddings, birthday celebrations or annual dinners.

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Sustainable paper and lifestyle products

With a focus on paper and everyday objects, Papery fuses contemporary design aesthetics with over half a century of experience to deliver a new form of Paper Art that embodies simplicity, sustainability, and practicality while enshrining the essence of modern-day beautiful living.

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Software solutions

Toppwork harnesses the power of technology to transform businesses. From strategy to manufacturing, it leverages modern smart technology to automate operations and leverage customer engagement.

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Innovate, Create, and Collaborate with Hung Hing Printing

At Hung Hing, we thrive on innovation and creativity. We empower business transformation via embracing the dynamic nature of business and providing tailored solutions to facilitate your transformation.

Join us on a transformative journey where sustainability, innovation, and creativity intersect. Embrace our sustainable paper products that breathe life into your brand while preserving the environment. Enhance your lifestyle with our thoughtfully crafted lifestyle paper products, and inspire young minds through our children's books distribution and edutainment services.