Consumer Product Packaging

We have extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of high quality and functional decorative packaged boxes for clients on both regional and global basis. By incorporating our state-of-the-art printing processes we are able to realise innovative packaging styles for folding cartons or litho-laminated cartons; blister cards or Point-of-Sales Displays of different sizes and shapes, in a responsible and sustainable way.

We provide seamless, integrated packaging services from structure design, product packaging testing, product planning and fulfillment and work closely with customers to support their production line demand by providing storage services as well as Just-In-Time (JIT) deliveries. Our optimal packaging supply chain is delivered to contribute to everyone’s lifestyles and the environment.

Packaged Food

Food packaging is essential to differentiate your brand from the market competition. In addition, food companies require packaging that meets the stringent demand for food-grade materials as well as automatic packaging on their production line. Our selection of packaging options helps your product to appear as appealing and enticing as their tastes, and improve the cleanliness and freshness of the food.

Personal Care Products

We use a variety of eye-catching materials including metallic paper, foil stamping, embossing, and other surface treatments and coatings to make the packaging attractive with creative designs which are specially important for the packaging of personal care products, whilst keeping them in their best conditions before use.


Creativity is a crucial element when it comes to toy packaging. A vibrant, high-quality custom packaging can greatly complement the product and enhance the storytelling to stand out in the retail market.

Our Packaging Styles

Folding Cartons

Also known simply as cartons, cartonboard, paperboard cartons and paperboard boxes. Cartons are made from printed carton board or boxboard, in a range of thicknesses (in microns).

Litho-Laminated Packaging

Litho-laminated packaging is cost-effective and sturdy. As an important branding element, it gives a thoughtful touch to any product.

Rigid Boxes

Coming in a wide range of shapes, sizes and closures, rigid boxes are highly durable and can be supplied as two-part boxes called lid-and-base boxes. Special printing techniques or finishing can be employed on the wrapping paper to reinforce the brand and the product.