Hung Hing / Beluga adds WinkApp to offerings

Our portfolio of “print + digital” solutions has just gotten bigger and better.

Our portfolio of “print + digital” solutions has just gotten bigger and better.

As our continuous goal to bring innovative solutions to our customers, and enabling them to deliver marketing campaign and/or new products to optimize offline-online experience, we are very pleased to announce that Hung Hing/Beluga is now offering WinkApp in its technology portfolio.

WinkApp is an award-winning patented technology and uses its proprietary algorithm to enable “real” online surfing experience on printed content. The technology provides a user-friendly and cost-effective solution to connect offline content to complementary digital content.

Imagine how QR code works except the WinkApp technology can support multiple “hotspots” embedded on a single page without sacrificing the look and feel of the printed content.  Using its online platform, it allows for easy authoring and publishing of “hotspots” on any printed materials, whether it’s a page of a book, packaging, magazine cover, brochure, business card, posters, leaflets, etc.  It even works on printed materials that were published in the past so there is no need to re-print to take advantage of this technology.  One of the most powerful features of the solution is to provide comprehensive user statistics reports as well as geo-marketing information which can then be used to help measure campaign effectiveness or understand product penetration.

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