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Paper Trading

Established in 1970 Sun Hing Paper Co is a subsidiary of Hung Hing Printing Group Limited. We are one of the largest paper trading operations in Hong Kong.

Apart from facilitating our existing business in Hong Kong, our Shenzhen logistics warehouse facility, Sun Hung Paper (Shenzhen) Company Limited also operates paper trading business in the PRC. We can assist our customers to purchase paper in or outside the PRC. High quality papers sourced from Northern Europe and South or North America and different types of papers sourced from Southeast Asian countries are offered in the market. In order to meet our customers' needs, we can represent them to place the sales orders. At the same time, we have our own processing facilities like a number of high speed sheeters and one high speed rewinder, so as to tailor different kinds of papers to meet our customers' specific requirements. Since we have a warehouse with a storage capability of up to 60,000 tons, we also hope to cooperate with other paper manufacturers in or outside the PRC so that we can further develop the Pearl River Delta region and the domestic paper market in Mainland China.

Our Company's business objective is "Providing high quality products and dedicated service to our valued customers at privileged prices". Finally, we sincerely hope that our business partner will continue to provide their kind support and assistance to us. We are always looking to provide a better service to our customers.
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